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Bio & Last Gigs

Hatori Yumi was born in 1984 in Palermo and lives in Rome. He studied Music History and has graduated with a thesis on the “Sound structure of Euripide’s Bacchants”. His master thesis (Paesaggio sonoro e “nuovi media”) investigates the possibilities of interaction between soundscapes and new technologies. HY evolved as a bassist and guitarist in different bands – from noise-rock to electro-punk outfits – before buying a midi-controller and moving on to electronic music. Beside having organized several important events, including the international festival MainOFF, it’s part of BrusioNetLabel, a well known label for experimental music from Palermo. HY took part in various national and international festivals for electronic and electro-acoustic music: LPM 2011, Live!iXem2011, PuntoyRaya Festival, the Flussi Festival and InTouch Festival sharing the stage with artists like Kangding Ray, Stephan Mathieu, Marc Behrens, Oval and many more. In Sept 2012 wins, with Pietro Bonanno, the Critics Award at Percezioni Festival for “OS i/O’s” project. He followed courses, lectures, masterclasses of Bernard Fort, Domenico Sciajno, Xabier Erkizia, Xavier Balderas, Marc Behrens and many more. For more info about HY you can read an interview for FluidRadio where he talks about his experiences and his way to make music and art [read]. In 2013, HY co-founds the project VacuaMœnia with Pietro Bonanno. The aesthetic revolution of Vacuamœnia starts from the places abandoned by man and the way they sound: a study of existing sounds and of those ones you can organize on the spot by hiking militancy, field-recording and the contact with the territory. Vacuamœnia starts its action in the Sicilian hinterland, going to play the abandoned villages built to populate rural areas in Sicily during the Fascism.

Now, he’s part of the label Stochastic Resonance based in Rome. More info HERE

Last Exhibitions:

19/12/2014 – RawData 2.o [liveset] ft BinaryCodedBrain – @ 45Giri, Giulianova
14/11/2014 – RawData 2.o [liveset] ft BinaryCodedBrain – @ DalVerme, Rome
8/11/2014 – 
RawData 2.o [liveset] ft BinaryCodedBrain – @ Borderline, Palermo
26/07/2014 – RawData 2.1 [liveset] ft BinaryCodedBrain @ Radio Olevano Festival, Olevano Romano
21/12/2013 – 
RawData 2.1 [liveset] ft BinaryCodedBrain @ Sonar,Palermo
31/5/2013 - GrainSet [liveset, NephogramShowcase]Pagliaio ReOpening, Rome
23/5/2013 – RawData 2.o [liveset] ft BinaryCodeBrain – A/V Live Performance @ ReMedium, openingact ATOM™
19/10/12 – nz:hy [liveset] – AV Performance @ MainOFF Festival 
22/9/12 – RawData [liveset] – A/V Live Performance @ Moozak Festival
27-28-30/8/12 – OS i\O’s screening @ Percezioni Festival
24/8/12 – Æ 2.0 [liveset] – A/V Live Performance @ Scrusci Festival
18/8/12 – Æ 2.0 [liveset] – A/V Live Performance @ GommaLacca
21/7/12 – RawData [liveset] – A/V Live Performance @ House
24/6/12 – Liveset at NEW [NoiseEveryWeek] ft GS  @  Cupolette


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